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SAFARI Orange River Sultanas

Plump sultana grapes are cultivated on the fertile banks of the Orange River. The seedless light-amber-coloured Safari Orange River Sultanas are full-bodied, rich in flavour and packed with concentrated goodness. Sultana grapes, at 20% sugar content, are dipped in a weak lye solution to speed up the drying process before being dried on racks for 10-16 days. The result is an amber-brown, sweet sultana ideal for baking

SAFARI Thompson Seedless (TS) Raisins

This popular variety of seedless raisins is known for its deliciously sweet, fruity flavour and sunshine taste. Produced from Sultana grapes (Sultinina), at 22% sugar content, in a natural drying process which includes no preservatives. Safari Raisins are dried in natural sunlight. They are placed in the direct sun on concrete slabs for 8-14 days to be dark brown, rich in flavour and thin-skinned.

SAFARI Golden Sultanas

Our very popular Golden Sultanas are meticulously dried to ensure the attractive and varying shades of sunshine yellow that you’ll find in every pack. Dried on wooden racks in the shade to ensure the golden-yellow colour and sweet-and-sour taste. They are air dried on stacked wooden racks in complete shade for 14-21 days to enhance the golden colour.

SAFARI Currants

Each currant is bursting with flavour and natural goodness. The small, black, sweet and tangy flavoured currants are sun dried on drying racks for 21-30 days. Our currants are naturally free-flowing and particularly popular amongst bakers.

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