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SAFARI Apple Rings

Once destoned, juicy apples are cut into rings and treated to retain their appealing white colour before being dried in the sun. SAFARI apple rings have a lovely texture and spicy taste, and are a high-fibre fat-free snack with a low glycaemic index.

SAFARI Royal Apricots

SAFARI Royal Apricots are ripened and dried in natural sunlight. SAFARI Royal Apricots are great-tasting with a sweet, yet slightly tangy taste. Deep orange in colour, they are packed with concentrated goodness. Royal Apricots are dried in open trays in the sun to offer a rich exotic flavour.


SAFARI Dried Pears are moist and sweet, yet still have a low glycaemic index. Dried in open wooden trays in the sun, they’re low in fat and full of taste, making them a perfect nutritious treat.

SAFARI Pineapple & Mango

Exotic pineapple and mango pieces preserve the sunshine taste of summer: full of fibre and brimming with sweet and delicate flavours.

SAFARI Dried Peaches

SAFARI Dried Peaches are made from the finest fruit to deliver pure goodness, sunshine and a delightful flavour.


SAFARI Prunes are moist, semi-sweet fruits that are low in fat, high in fibre and excellent for the digestive system.

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